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3 Ways to Make Your Productivity Soar

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Let’s not mince words. We’re in a society that worships productivity. How much can you do? How do you, at the very minimum, appear to be that superhuman that can be the stereotypical supermom, be the director or owner of a very successful business, find time to take European excursions and still find time for your mosaic art hobby? Well, one bite at a time, of course!

I’m going to go over some methods that will help increase your productivity – and in the end – it may help you keep your sanity as well. We all know that overwhelming dread when it comes to deadlines or large projects that seem insurmountable. Not to worry! I’m here to help. 

Have a Plan

You’ve heard me say it before and here I am saying it again: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What are your goals? Do you set mini goals for yourself at the beginning of every day? Having a plan is like a roadmap. Without it, how do you know that you’ve had a successful and productive day? A plan doesn’t have to be a detailed “business plan.”

So what does this roadmap look like? It can look a lot of different ways, but the one thing I’ve noticed for myself is that it does need to be typed out or written down. If you still use a day planner ( like me!), write your goals out on that.  I have talked about this before mainly featuring this amazing product on my instagram, but I am OBSESSED with my 90 day Savor Planner.  It has everything you could want in a planner; inspiration, calendars, to-do lists and MORE. 

Are you apart of the digital age?!  If you use the Google Suite for your email, there’s a task list that you can just check off when each one of your goals are complete. One of my other favs is the google keep app, it’ a great tool – you can even share your list(s) with others!  

Feed Your Mind

Say what?! Julie, when did you start giving nutritional advice? Well, one thing I’ve learned in the past couple of years is how important our health is. It’s vital to take care of oneself, mentally and physically. Right now, I’m going to focus on the physical aspect of our health. Have you ever heard the phrase “brain food”? It’s not just a catchy phrase – it actually does what it sounds like. Your brain is an organ – and a hungry one at that! Did you know that it’s cells require 2x the amount of energy than other cells in your body?

What should you be eating then? Well, your body does need glucose in order to function at its best. Where most people fail is in where they find that glucose. Simple carbohydrates like sugary pastries or donuts will do the trick for about an hour, but if you’re looking for a long term solution to your productivity woes – stick to food that has more complex molecular structures: Whole Foods. Instead of reaching for that pastry, how about an orange or an apple instead? These foods are the ones that will keep feeding your brain for hours. Your tummy might still rumble but your brain will still be receiving that much needed nutrition for hours to come. Follow it up with some steel cut oats a couple of hours later if needed. That will, again, provide longer lasting nutrition to keep your brain chugging along in full-on productivity mode.

Know Thyself

Let’s be real for a second. None of us like slowing down and taking a look at the areas where we can improve. The truth is, though, if we take accountability for those weaknesses, we can make them stronger by implementing simple tools. 

How many of you, right now, have what seems like an insurmountable goal in front of you? Maybe you have to do a count of ALL of your retail inventory. You look at your retail space, as well as what you have stored, and you think of how time consuming it’s all going to be, right? I get it! I’ve been there. Maybe for you, your instinct is to just procrastinate on the big stuff because it seems too overwhelming. In this case, stop and think to yourself what would make it easier on you. Look at the project from another angle. 

You could recruit a helper and offer them overtime. If that’s not an option, break it down into smaller tasks that you can easily accomplish at a faster pace. Separate out your inventory into categories and tackle one category at a time. I promise – these tools will make your life so much easier. Instead of procrastinating and giving yourself high blood pressure by trying to complete it all at the last minute, find ways to finish those tasks now, in a slow but steady way.

No matter how you task yourself with being more productive, remember to be easy on yourself. There are healthy ways to remain productive or increase your productivity without beating up your body. Be easy on yourself and your brain (and body) will thank you for it in the long run.

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